Metro Tile Patterns and Ideas

13th Mar 2021

Metro tiles, also known as underground tiles or Subway tiles, are today a well-suited element of modern homes. Used especially in the kitchen or in the bathroom, what makes these even fascinating is the different layouts that you can go with. Here are just a few ways that you can spruce up your walls to really get that punch from your lovely metro tile plans.

You may lay the metro tiles in a traditional brick bond fashion. Having a darker grout really brings out a contrast and an exceptional finish. The cool and contemporary style of laying the metro tiles vertically presents a fashionable and chic look, something reflective of extravagance and stardom provided there is correct lighting and plush furniture. There is also the extraordinary style where the metro tiles are fitted at an angle of forty-five degrees and these are especially eye catching with dark and dramatic designed metro tiles. A more sophisticated finish requires an extra touch of boldness and effort and something that spells the fashionable Herringbone design. Considering the different metro layout designs won’t cost you a penny, but it will make a world of a difference in your finish. Your bathroom or kitchen tiles will be presented in a most fabulous manner and will be forever pleasing to your eyes.

Wood also makes a good companion to a bright set of metro tiles as the grout on the walls sit well with the wood. A punchy shade of peculiar colours also sits well with a well presented and polished set of metro tiles. Use your tiles in any corner of the house to protect your walls, or just swap it for the paint. The slightly textured tiles and brown grouting in a kitchen are an original take on the classic metro look, and they go well with dark coloured wood shelves. A glossy worktop in a kitchen helps light up the kitchen further as the shiny worktops pair with the gloss tiles.

If you are thinking of a more subtle design, a sensible option would be a lightly coloured metro tile with white grouting, as this is easy on the eyes. On the flip side, if you want a more of a contrasting finish, then pair a dark grout line to dark coloured tiles. If you want to add a twist to your bathroom then consider a modern chevron style pattern accompanied by hexagonal floor tiles.

To conclude, if you'd like to make a feature out of your tiles, having them stand out by implementing a contrast would be a good place to start. A medium to dark grey grout is a popular choice, or a softer grey if you prefer a more subtle look. You could also use a white grout, although this would make the metro tile pattern less obvious and will blend them into the background, not drawing too much attention. White grouting is something that is synonymous with spa-inspired bathrooms and relaxing, restful settings.