Kitchen Tile Ideas

8th Jun 2021

Designing the perfect kitchen space is not just about the appliances, layout and colour schemes. This, however small as it may look, entails a lot more options that could be used to bring the perfect kitchen design. And that's exactly why we're focusing on the fun part right now; the incorporation of tiles for kitchens. Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation or simply updating your current space, your choice of wall and floor tiles will make all the difference. Kitchens have at many times fallen prey to being such a mess; a pan that splatters, a dropped bowl, a bubbling pot. These are just but a few of what could make kitchens look messy. This therefore calls for the perfect materials to use on your kitchen floor and kitchen wall. Just think about a kitchen floor tile that could be waterproof, easy to clean and durable. Think also about a kitchen wall tile that’s beautiful, other than just being able to cater for other kitchen necessities. All these are simply answered by the selection of a perfect kitchen floor tile as well as the perfect kitchen wall tile. You’d want to find the correct kitchen floor and wall tile that would complement your kitchen work tops, doors, and walls.

Rustic and contemporary designs in modernized kitchens have been greatly enhanced by the availability of marble, slate, stone, and wood-effect tiles. There’s been remarkable improvements in their printing techniques making them look great both as kitchen floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles. Current designs in modernized kitchens mainly use the neutral, white, black and grey floor and wall tiles for kitchens rather than the common glossy floor tiles. Glossy floor tiles have a soft slippery texture and thus is not greatly preferred in kitchens due to the fact that there may be children moving around the house. Further advancements and thinking brought about the invention of patterned kitchen floor tiles, they look alluring and are eye catching for any one who has a taste for something a little different and bold.

Ignoring the kitchen floor when its all about designing could prove devasting at some point. Kitchen floor tiles have on the other hand got what it takes to ensure nothings lags behind in your kitchen design. If your kitchen should shout wow, it’s your responsibility to know how you’re going to harmonize the subtle décor of that kitchen with vibrant features and appliances you got there. Let’s look at some of the best ideas for kitchen floor tiles.

Marble kitchen floor tiles- marble, however expensive as it may be, it’s a simple design for your kitchen. Magnificence in marble tiles is brought to light by blending it with colours that are pale and rich. They introduce a sense of classiness to a space. The overall look of marble kitchen floor tiles would be unexpectedly beautiful, electric as well as charming.

Kitchens as we all know are used for cooking, cooking at times requires long periods of standing. It will thus be helpful if your kitchen floor tiles have a traction that is able to introduce a resistance which will allow for long periods of standing without slipping. One of the best options is wood-finish tile which is a sustainable source of flooring due to its durability, eco-friendly materials and strength. Matt floor tiles can also be of use because they have a rough texture for preventing slips, but remain user friendly and maintain the glamourous look of your kitchen floor.

All white kitchen floor tiles, and all black kitchen floor tiles are considered when its about kitchen designing. A uniform look in the kitchen is also preferred by some but go with a good lighting. Employ several styles and make your kitchen a paradise of patterns. You have the chance to distort the consistency of one colour on kitchen floor tiles by introducing other decent colours or just by using patterned kitchen floor tiles. Contrasting shades are a better deal by the use of the wide variety of hexagonal, floral, geometric, brick prints or subway tiles.

Kitchen floors are prone to dirt and dust due to activities of cooking and moving from place to place. This therefore should be something to consider when choosing from the immense variety of kitchen floor tiles available. Grey tiles are easy to maintain since they are a subtle choice. Grey floor tiles are a popular choice for kitchen floors. Kitchen floor tiles should be easy to clean, this is a prime tip when it comes to how a kitchen is to look.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are durable, elegant and have a glossy look. Despite all this awesome looks, they have a rather tough surface that is durable. Therefore, make durability your priority as you upgrade your kitchen. Infuse bright colours on your kitchen floor by using these charming designs in porcelain and ceramic floor tiles for kitchens. If minimalism allures you, install tile with slightly-white texture with dark coloured tiles in the middle.

You have chosen the flooring, cabinets and worktops of your kitchen. But there is also one thing to consider when you want your kitchen scheme to be exemplary. Available in a variety of colours and different designs, wall tiles both protect and personalise the hardest-working room in your home, the kitchen. Ranging from sophisticated styles to mosaics, hexagons and bold, geometric designs, these stylish ceramics are sure to inspire. Consider these variety of kitchen wall tiles:

  • -Trellis diamond design of kitchen wall tiles was traditionally prominent on installation on just in house floors. Introduction of this kitchen wall tile design for walls in the kitchen brings a monochrome focal point that’s timeless in your kitchen. Especially on all white kitchen walls.
  • -A classic take on the new metro kitchen wall tile design creates a series of alternating colours that’s bold and beautiful for your kitchen. This kitchen wall tile design is best for the most daring as it creates a bistro vintage vibe that’s charming.
  • -Use a herringbone pattern for white gloss kitchen wall tiles to bring up an on-trend design to your kitchen. This design can be harmonized by using grout that matches the same colour as that of the work tops and cabinets.
  • -Black gloss kitchen wall tiles can also be blended with a variety of colours to bring about a fun choice for your kitchen.
  • -Terrazzo-inspired kitchen wall tiles can also be used to execute a colourful kitchen scheme by bonding it with other contrasting kitchen design colours on cabinets and much more.
  • -If you are anyone who wishes not to spare an expense on your kitchen design, then use also the marble kitchen wall tiles for a glimmer in your kitchen. Polished marble tiles exude a luxurious outlook in abundance. Of course, we don't all have a bottomless budget so marble-effect kitchen wall tiles can create just as much drama for a lot less.
  • -Design is at present in love with green interiors for the perfect décor. If you’re looking for this then look with a twist. Rich and rustic kitchen wall tiles designed with this effect cater for anyone who eyes this.
  • -If you are pissed off by a kitchen that would look cumbersome, here is a clever trick for making your kitchen look effortlessly chic: create a montane trend by using cohesive colour kitchen wall tiles to have a divine and soothing kitchen wall.

These wide variety therefore calls for a second thought when you want to decide on what to use to enlighten your kitchen.

There is also a great choice in grey tiles for house decoration. Grey tiles match a wide variety of use from being installed in living rooms, kitchens up to even the bathrooms. Grey tiles harmony comes with the fact that they can be used both for flooring and walling anywhere in the house. Matt grey tiles are cool, stylish and calming. They are the perfect spot-on solution for use in kitchen walls and floors. The grey tiles come in a variety from timeless brick shaped metro grey tiles for a kitchen wall splashback, through to realistic grey stone effect tiles for a relaxing natural scheme in the kitchen. Patterned tiles designs are also not limited, there is also grey patterned tiles that offer an encaustic look; perfect for creating a vintage styled kitchen for you.

Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, stone tiles etc are all but names. If you have a quench for change and uniqueness in design that would be exemplary for your dream house in the kitchen and every other area, polish it by using these wide design ideas. They are not just limited for kitchen spaces but also anywhere else in your homes. In a perfect house where your guests should sit, drink, eat and have fun; do not hesitate or go wrong with deciding what tiles to use.