How To Renew Your Bathroom at a Low Cost

30th Mar 2021

There was once a time when bathrooms were solely associated with paints and vinyl’s. However, and for some time now, it has all been about porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles. This does not only ring true for bathroom walls and floors, but also with kitchens.

Although floor and wall tiles are seemingly low maintenance, there is some cleaning involved. There are steps you can take to keep your floor and wall tiles in low maintenance mode for years to come. Here are some ways to keep your bathroom looking spik and span without forking out a fortune. No matter how much of a small budget you have, there will always be ways to keep your floor and wall tiles looking good and with little effort.

As bathrooms regularly get wet and usually go days without cleaning, you’ll see a build up of limescale, grease and mould on your floor and wall tiles. A quick trip down to the supermarket should do the trick. You can now pick up a grout and tile cleaner for a few quid and it’ll last you a while too. Alternatively, if you do want to go the extra mile and fancy re-grouting your floor and wall tiles, you may this time want to go for a grout that helps to prevent build up of stains and mould in between your floor and wall tiles.

Upgrading your bathroom tiles is another option. Tiling can be an expensive job so can you get away with restyling the tiles around the bath, sink and shower? Also keep in mind and especially if you have a tight budget; ceramic tiles are much cheaper than porcelain wall and floor tiles.

If changing the floor and wall tiles is not an option, then maybe spruce up on your accessorise. Doing little touch ups on accessories can make a positive difference. Changing accessories can also add flavour, colour, and style to your plain bathroom. This can also work for you if you’re living in a rental property and you’re limited to making changes.

Maybe even think about popping down to your nearest blind store and purchasing some blinds for the window, or an elegant curtain for the shower and bath. Don’t forget to change the towels and maybe put up a smart shelf.

If you do want to spend a little extra then opt for porcelain floor and wall tiles. Porcelain wall and floor tiles is currently the undisputed champion. Porcelain floor and wall tiles are tough, easy to clean, water-resistant, and long lasting.

Here are a few bathroom tiling ideas…

Airy Cream Split Face -

Airy Grey -

Almeria -

Almeria Dark -

Cosmos -

Icon Light Grey Floor and Wall Tiles -

Majestic Grey Floor and Wall Tiles -

Majestic Light Grey Floor and Wall Tiles -

arbella -

Prestine Wall Tiles -