​How to Choose Kitchen Tiles

​How to Choose Kitchen Tiles

6th Feb 2022

If you’re reading this, then you’re either already renovating your home or kitchen or planning on doing so very soon. Here we have lots of pointers to what you should be looking at to choose the best tiles for your kitchen.

Deciding on which tiles to use is significant when installing a new kitchen. From durable and water-resistant floor tiles to an easy maintenance wall tiles whilst bringing out an aesthetically pleasing result, we have everything that you need to know, and furthermore a recommendation to the latest trends.

Around ten to fifteen years ago ceramic tiles were widely used in both home and commercial settings. Fast forward today and we see porcelain tiles almost everywhere there are tiles! Porcelain tiles allow for the most realistic of designs with the help of latest technology that major tile manufacturing plants are now utilising especially in keeping up with the huge demand in tiles made from porcelain. In fact, porcelain allows for the tile design to realistically mimic actual marble which as you may know can cost a fortune. On the other hand, porcelain tiles can also mimic an aged stone effect almost clay like design if you prefer a more traditional, subtle and a calm design. What’s more important especially when choosing tiles for the kitchen is that porcelain tiles are durable and can last up to eighty years. The best thing about porcelain tiles is that they are low maintenance so if you were to get a spillage in the kitchen which is an almost daily occurrence whether its tomato puree spilt on the floor on a splash of egg white, this is easily cleaned with a wipe of a sponge or a cloth. The shine and sheen off a porcelain tile will remain for years to come and the right cleaning products will keep your tiles looking new everyday for decades to come.

A kitchen splashback makes a huge impact to the overall design of the kitchen if you have carefully chosen the tiles to go with the furniture. Be bold in the usage of different colours, patterns, reflectivity, shapes. You may also want to consider a design on the kitchen floor if you don’t want to go with the usual uniformed look. Why not go for a wood effect tile laid over an under-floor heating which will help to evoke a natural warmth to your kitchen.

Consider the smaller tweaks that make a huge difference; consider the colour of your tap, you light switch, cupboard handles, the window to the garden, even the lighting in the hallway that leads up to the kitchen. Ask yourself what feel you would like to be met with when making your morning cuppa.

Below are a few ideas that can hopefully feed into your mental design bank and hopefully somewhat inspire you in making an improved decision in the restoration of your kitchen.