Floor Tile Ideas

9th Jun 2021

It has become a trend for home owners to change the interiors and exterior set ups of their homes, bringing forth a newer and more livelier ambience. Choosing the correct design of porcelain floor tiles can make all the difference. These tile flooring ideas will have your floor looking great anywhere, from kitchens to bathrooms, outdoor spaces and other water-prone areas like the swimming pool. Whatever design style you have in mind, using porcelain floor tiles for flooring and wall decor is the most effective way to add style and ambiance to your home. Porcelain floor tiles have evolved, transitioning from style to style over the last decade. To say the least, pattern tiles have rocked the design and construction industry, perfectly replicating the natural stone looks and expanding into new ideas with better shapes, looks, and patterns that only make flooring an art. The various pattern tile designs available for flooring means that it is easier than ever to make your space more stylish and unique.

Creating a new pattern tile design is like a drawing, one must consider the colour, space, layout and style. Also, whether you are designing indoors or outdoors, a feature wall, bathroom floor, a kitchen floor, at home or in an office, pattern tiles will give you a wide range of options to choose from. With these variety of options for different materials, shapes, colours and patterns, you can create an original and unique design that is all your own. Do your research, look around, ask family and friends for opinions or even fresh ideas.

Porcelain tile flooring has the capability to fit within a multitude of styles, this aspect makes it unconfined by trends and gives it the ability to be applied in many fashionable ways thus keeping up with trends. From modern to rustic, vintage and unsophisticated, porcelain tile flooring is well suited to fit your personal interior design style. Traditionally, stone flooring has been a durable design element. Note that a material you choose can lend itself to multiple design styles. Given the variety of textures and colours available in porcelain floor tiles, it is an exceptional choice for modern homes. When your goal is to set up a rustic feel for your home interiors, focus on elements that add a cosy mood. Installing natural stone-look porcelain tile flooring is effective in adding subtle cues of warmth and nuances of nature to your space.

As mentioned earlier, the most interesting part of pattern tile flooring advances in the last few decades is the realistic feel manufacturers have been able to accomplish through latest technology. The attention to detail given to texture and colour-variation is exemplary, making contemporary porcelain floor tiles the best alternative in the floor design world. Porcelain floor tile colour design ideas have equally improved relative to material design. From black floor tiles to white tiles.

It is common knowledge that the colour black blends quite well with every mood, making it the perfect accent, especially in modern styles. It’s a colour that is becoming more popular with younger homeowners. Owing to their influence in modern styles, black floor tiles often come in more creative shapes, like hexagons and trapezoids, rather than the classic square and rectangular shapes. Vintage black and white tiles are also making a gradual comeback. Whether your desire is the retro black and white checkerboard tiles, or bold and dramatic chevrons, this contrasting combo is sure to make a big impression in your home.

Extra textured wood-look pattern tiles come with a unique style. For example, each of these wood-look tiles has a unique and distinguishing quality.

  • Wire brushed wood-look porcelain tiles- show the appearance of subtle wire scratches that leave the heart of the “wood” or wood grains exposed to the surface. These deliberate “imperfections” are smoother, more appealing and more consistent than hand scraped wood blocks.
  • Rustic, hand scraped wood-look porcelain tile- features long, ingrained scraps with high variation between planks. These makes each plank appear handcrafted and unique.
  • Distressed wood-look porcelain tile- often mistaken for hand scraped looks, distressed looks, appear as wood planks that have through a lot of wear and tear. You can expect to see the appearance of scrapes, burns and knots, giving it an antique look.
  • These textured wood look pattern tile floors make your home look warm and contemporary. Choosing a remarkably durable wood-like porcelain tile over finicky hardwood will planks offer you an equally elegant look with a fraction of the worry and maintenance leave alone easier cleaning.

    Stone-look tiles are extremely popular for floor kitchen tiles and bathrooms. The continued demand for these natural looks in affordable pattern tiles is prompting the manufacturers to push their limits, offering convincing stone looks in slate, marble, limestone and more natural stones.

    The terrazzo look is a version that emerged from commercial blocks. Probably most off the commercial spaces are donned with the terrazzo pattern tile flooring, and now you can have it in your apartment. This look has become increasingly popular for residential apartments. Originally terrazzo tiles were made from recycled chips of marble, glass, and concrete, which created a unique speckled look. Now, you can get the terrazzo-look porcelain floor tiles.

    Bright and clean, elegant marble floors have been one of the highest selling products on the flooring market for decades now. Unfortunately, marble kitchen floor tiles are unaffordable for most people. Marble-look pattern tiles particularly befit bathrooms and you can get them for a much lower cost than the real marble floor tiles. Quite a number of people are using their floor to express their personalities, and the best alternative for such is a decorative porcelain floor tile. This is a chance to get creative applying graphic styles that make your floor look like a work of art.

    Decorative porcelain tile floors can be found in a wide range of designs that match the rest of your space. Examples of decorative porcelain floor tile styles are; Moroccan mosaic tile: Their looks emphasize and symmetry. This tile looks originated as handcrafted tile, but now you can get those colourful contrasts and creative patterns without the hassle of crafting by hand. Art decor tile: This type of tile look emphasizes on polish, shine, and bold contrasts with a touch of gold. Porcelain floor tiles with concrete looks have made their way into contemporary interior design. Huge slabs of concrete tiles, concrete counter tops can now be replaced with these type of flooring tiles. A rustic wood floor is perfect for your home, while a concrete-look flooring tile is an awesome touch to a beautiful apartment. It's a more specific aesthetic, but a relevant one to look out for.

    Real end caustic tiles originated as ornate hand-crafted flooring tiles. Now you can get with the same sense of artistry and craftsmanship with end caustic-look tile. It’s beautifully detailed and much more affordable than the real end caustic tiles. So desirable have they become that they are now available in porcelain floor tiles that are thinner, durable and at a lower price, evolving from the traditional concrete materials. With end caustic-look porcelain flooring tiles, you can expect a bold, highly detailed style, with a lot of colours. Popular styles range from geometric to floral, to old-world and Victorian. These gorgeous patterns are especially popular as floor kitchen tiles.

    Bright white tiles put up a perfect show of elegance in the home. White tiles create an illusion of space in your room, especially if you use large format tiles. Put these tiles in a room with lots of natural sunlight for an absolute effect. A great thing about choosing white tiles is you have so many options for furniture and decor.

    High colour variation is trending in both wood and stone looks. Wood-look porcelain floor tiles typically feature colour variation between planks, whereas high variation in stone-look porcelain floor tiles typically refers to the amount of colour variation in each individual floor tile. . Homeowners love the natural, unsophisticated mood that higher colour variation provides. Naturally, stone and wood are not characteristically uniform. With these modern advances, you can achieve these more random, inconsistent natural looks porcelain floor tiles.

    Hexagon porcelain floor tiles are quite elegant. They look both vintage and contemporary at the same time. Typically, as floor kitchen tiles accompanied by subway wall tiles. They can provide a similar, vintage look to subway tile floors. However, you will also see modern, almost futuristic look over the next several years. Hexagon tiles have paved the way for unique transitions between different rooms and types of flooring. Instead of using straight line to flow from one area to the next, hexagon flooring slowly transitions into contrasting flooring types (like wood-look planks) so they meet in a one-of-a-kind geometric pattern. These “transitioning” hexagon porcelain floor tiles are the best and for a good reason. It looks elegant. While this pattern is often achieved with hexagons, any tile shape will work to create unique looks as you move from the kitchen to other rooms in your home. It is a typical expression of creativity.